The measure RES:Z is divided into two funding phases. Between 2019 and 2022, twelve research projects involving more than 20 model municipalities were funded. Eight of these projects are now in a second funding phase, which will last until 2024 and is even more dedicated to the transfer of research results into practice. In both funding phases, a cross-cutting scientific project supports both the content-related networking of the research projects and the external communication and transfer of the results into municipal practice.

Focus topics addressed in the research projects (graphic source: DIN SPEC 91468)

Multifunctional streetscape design in urban districts – Implement, evaluate and consolidate

– A neighborhood reinvents itself – Integrated resource-efficient urban development

GartenLeistungen II: 
Implementation, consolidation and transfer of a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable land and material flow management in urban gardens and parks

Integrative consideration of sustainable heat management in urban districts – Implementation and consolidation phase

Leipziger BlauGrün II 
Multifunctional infrastructures for energy- and water-efficient urban districts

namares 2.0 
Resource management in urban districts in the context of sustainable urban development

Development of innovative strategies for the optimized use of living space

Resource planning for urban districts

Instruments for a resource-efficient development of urban districts

Straße der Zukunft
Future streetscapes in urban districts

Integration of resource-optimized separation drainage through transformation of municipal planning processes for existing districts.

Implementation, monitoring and further development of the Vertical Air Conditioning and Wastewater Treatment System

Cross-cutting scientific project – networking and transfer of results