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DIN SPEC 91468 “Leitfaden für ressourceneffiziente Stadtquartiere”

Partners from the inter- and transdisciplinary research projects of the BMBF funding measure RES:Z have developed DIN SPEC 91468 “Guidelines for resource-efficient urban districts”.

The DIN SPEC defines requirements for efficient interface management for resource efficiency in existing and new quarters. With the described approach, spatial and sectoral planning and approval procedures are coordinated, cooperation between private and public stakeholders is ensured, and multifunctional uses are anchored. The document supports the integrated analysis, evaluation and planning of resource efficiency at the neighborhood level. The focus is on how land, water, energy and material flow management as well as green space management can contribute to the sustainable development of urban districts.

DIN SPEC 91468 addresses public and private decision-makers, especially in municipalities, specialized administrations and the real estate industry.

Since 18.11.2022 the DIN SPEC is available for download on the website of Beuth Verlag.

In 2023 and 2024, the application of DIN SPEC 91468 will be tested in various model municipalities.
First, the DIN SPEC was presented to a broad audience from research and practice at the 3rd Dialogue Forum of the RES:Z funding measure.
On this page we will keep you informed about the progress of the practical transfer of DIN SPEC 91468:

On 24 January 2024, numerous representatives from the city administration’s specialist departments, the local housing cooperatives and several special-purpose associations came together at Oschatz/Saxony town hall for the DIN SPEC scoping meeting. Moderated by StadtLand GmbH and in collaboration with the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Urban Water Management (IWS) at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), the “Oschatz Blue-Green” pilot project was launched with support from the Saxon Ministry of Regional Development.

The focus of the two-hour scoping meeting was the assessment of the Oschatz-West neighbourhood. Here, approaches for better rainwater management and possibilities for the expansion of blue-green infrastructure were discussed in order to increase resilience to heat and heavy rainfall events, improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood and relieve the burden on the urban infrastructure. The potential identified is now to be mobilised in the resource plan.

DIN SPEC Scoping meeting in Oschatz town hall
© StadtLand GmbH 2024
DIN SPEC Scoping meeting at Leipziger Wohnungsbaugesellschaft
© StadtLand GmbH 2023

The Kolonadenviertel in Leipzig is the first inner-city district to be the focus of the application of DIN SPEC 91468 “Guidelines for resource-efficient urban districts”.

In addition to the city’s specialised departments, Leipziger Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (LWB) and the UFZ are involved in the RES:Z project “Leipziger BlauGrün II”. In the scoping meeting at Leipziger Wohnungsbaugesellschaft on 13 December 2023, numerous interfaces for energy-efficient refurbishment and the expansion of the blue-green infrastructure were identified in just under three hours, which are now to be tackled jointly.

Pilot application of the DIN SPEC 91468 “Guidelines for resource-efficient urban districts” in Hildesheim starts

Hildesheim, Innere Neustadt. © StadtLand GmbH 2023

In cooperation with the RES:Z projects TransKOM and ReQ+, the city of Hildesheim is developing a resource plan in accordance with DIN SPEC 91468 in the “Innere Neustadt” district. The redevelopment and conversion of the water and energy infrastructure in the city district is pending. For this purpose, extensive funds are available for the reconstruction of the public space, the traffic and technical infrastructure as well as the green spaces. This is to be used in particular for water-sensitive urban development.

With the DIN SPEC 91468 application, the city’s departments cooperate with urban planning and develop an integrated action plan for resource efficiency.