NaMaRes – Resource management in urban district in the context of sustainable urban development

Software solutions for sustainable urban development

Cities and communities are affected by climate change and consequences of the use of natural resources and environmental pollution. However, they strongly influence environmental impacts and can actively contribute to sustainable transition. The goal of this project is to develop an Urban Resource Management Support Tool which enables city administrations and other stakeholders to monitor the use of natural resources (here: land, water, materials) on district level and establish an active resource management.

Objectives and procedure
To manage (natural) resources efficiently, their use has to be measured and assessed. On this basis, requirements for action can be identified, measures can be designed and targeted goals can be monitored. Overarching goal is to account and visualize the use of resources in urban areas and its potential consequences for different stakeholders to fill blind spots in the planning process. First, an assessment scheme with relevant fields of interests and subordinate indicators will be developed. Then, interrelations and effects of resource use in the district will be modelled and consequences and conflicting goals for different stakeholders will be examined. With the base of this scientific knowledge a GIS-based software tool will be developed, implemented and tested in an urban case study district in the city of Karlsruhe. This will be accompanied by transdisciplinary approaches and a guideline enabling the transfer of project results.

Expected results and transfer
The desired project result is a capable web-tool for accounting and monitoring the resource use in urban districts, designed for municipal decision-makers and interested citizens. The tool and an accompanying guideline will enable the transfer of the results and support sustainable decision making in district governance and sustainable urban transition processes.

Project title
NaMaRes –
Assessment of the ecology, cost effectiveness and social effects of resource-efficiency measures at district level – from an economic to a stakeholder-specific perspective

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1.207.107 €

Dr. Rebekka Volk
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
0721 608-44699

Project partners
Stadt Karlsruhe
Smart Geomatics Informationssysteme GmbH

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Mai 2019

Contributions at the kick-off event in June 2019