Instruments for a resource-efficient development of urban districts

Guidelines for the integration of urban “raw material warehouses” into district development

Buildings represent society’s largest “raw material warehouse” and at the same time account for a significant proportion of the energy demand. Urban districts in conurbations are currently subject to a variety of pressures for change. The goal is to use this opportunity to increase the resource efficiency in the “life cycle” of the district.

Objectives and procedure
The project will develop specific methods and instruments for municipal planning, with which suitable measures can be taken to increase resource efficiency in every phase of the districtdevelopment process – planning, use, conversion and demolition. Among other tasks, a building material register will be developed for this purpose as a uniform information basis for planning processes.

Expected results and transfer
The project will develop guidelines and methods for the planning of resource-efficient urban districts that can be implemented by the municipalities. The municipalities participating in the project will integrate the project results directly into their existing urban and district development planning processes.

Project title
RessStadtQuartier –
Urban material flow management: Instruments for the resource-efficient development of urban districts

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1.571.848 €

Prof. Liselotte Schebek
Technische Universität Darmstadt
06151 16-20720

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Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Wertstoffkreisläufe und Ressourcenstrategie IWKS
Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt
Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden
UMGIS Informatik GmbH

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