The aim of the cross-cutting project ReQ+ is to provide technical supervision and support to the collaborative projects within the funding program, and to intensify networking activities. In addition, the project supports the distribution and transfer of RES:Z results into the municipalities.

Cluster 1 | Planning instruments for integrative urban development

This cluster combines the very comprehensive and balanced consideration of three thematic fields – space, material flows and water – within residential areas, including public spaces such as transport infrastructure and urban green spaces. The cluster includes the following projects:

Multifunctional streetscape design in urban districts

Evaluation of the multidimensional services of urban greenery

Resource management in urban district in the context of sustainable urban development

Resource planning for urban districts

Straße der Zukunft
Future streetscapes in urban districts

Cluster 2 | Urban construction material management and optimization potential for the improvement of residential areas

The projects in this cluster focus on the building stock and material flows in an urban district, in particular in relation to building construction, and investigate the potential to improve the consolidation and renovation of existing buildings. The cluster includes the following projects:

– A neighborhood reinvents itself – Integrated resource-efficient urban development

Development of innovative strategies for the optimized use of living space

Instruments for a resource-efficient development of urban districts

Cluster 3 | Integration of urban water management infrastructures into urban development

The projects in this cluster are primarily concerned with the optimization of green infrastructures in residential neighborhoods and the integration of urban development with urban water management, with a particular focus on rainwater management. The cluster includes the following projects:

Integrative consideration of sustainable heat management in urban districts

Leipzig BlauGrün
Multifunctional infrastructures for energy- and water-efficient urban districts

Resource-optimized transformation of mixed and separate sewer systems in existing districts

Vertical Air Conditioning and Wastewater Treatment System